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Alternative activities and sports in Serifos

Old mines tour

The old mines in the southern part of Serifos extend underground throughout most of the island and have, over time, been a pole of attraction for many tourists as well as students.

Students in particular have displayed a strong interest of its morphology and its peculiarities. It has also been the object of post-graduate study.

Perhaps the University in your area might be interested in participating. To this end, a visit to the area can be arranged through a package that that we can offer especially for you.

We are at your disposal at all times.

scuba diving in Serifos

Serifos Scuba Diving

A weekend at Serifos island

Whether you are planning your vacations, or you just need a weekend break, you will find the island with the 72 beaches, ready for you to discover, at a distance of 72 miles from Piraeus port, accessible by high-speed boat in two and a half hours or regular boat in four and a half hours.


Sea sports in Serifos

Further Serifos Tours

Tour at the thermal baths of Serifos Daily, one day tour including swimming at the thermal baths in M. Livadi village, sight-seeing at mines, lunch and visit at the mine museum. Hike Livadi - Chora - Petrias One day hike from Livadi to Chora, visit the folklore museum, meal and coffee. The Serifos tour continues to Petrias on the old miner's road.

Isolated beaches in Serifos


This is a vacation programme that the customer can arrange to suit his own wishes. He can travel to Serifos on a chartered helicopter from the airport of his arrival in Greece, while all transfers on the island will be made with our company's cars and drivers. Accommodation will be arranged at the best hotels and traditional houses for him. Once on the island, there are many different activities to choose from, such as:

  • Treks/walks
  • Tours
  • Jogging
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming at deserted beaches
  • Boating tours
  • Diving
  • Traditional foods
  • Visit to old mines
  • Swimming with tuna fish
  • Fishing
  • Water sports