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Hotel in Serifos.

Vacations in Serifos

A small island in Cyclades that causes the awe of the visitors with its amazing mountainous volumes and its magical traditional beauty of the sunbathed Cyclades. As we approach the port, which is one of the biggest and best preserved natural ports, we are amazed by the traditional settlement of the country that is located above it.

At the same time we can see the big sandy beach that is spread at length of the port. Serifos is located between Kithnos and Sifnos 72 miles from Piraeus. It has an extend of 70 square km and it is full of hills, fertile valleys, beautiful bights with blue green waters and 70 wonderful beaches of all kinds offering amazing holidays in Serifos. There are many traditional settlements spread all around the island with characteristic architecture and great view.

Here, the visitor will calm down and enjoy the wonderful nature and the abundance of beaches in Serifos. For amusement there are many bars, as well as many traditional and modern restaurants. Book your stay in Indigo Studios and spend amazing vacation in Serifos.

Serifos History

Serifos is reported by the ancient years. There is the myth of Perseas who killed the dangerous Medusa, who stayed at the palace of King Dikti of Serifos. It is also said that there stayed the Cyclopes.

The first inhabitants of Serifos were of aeolian origin. Later it was inhabited by Kares, Finikes, Cretans and Ionians. Romans used the island as a place of exile. The Ptolemians of Egypt conquered the island in 266 b.C. In 363 b.C, Serifos was conquered by Macedonians. The island met with great growth during the time that Francs were prevailed. During that time, the mines began to operate after many centuries of interruption. Serifos was conquered by Turks in 1537.

Lighthouse in Serifos


Serifos is rich in iron ores, with rich geologic interest and great variety of rocks, which are studied by several universities, such as the one of Vienna. In the island there is a great number of springs with excellent quality water that is of course drinkable.

It disposes a marine for boats and a big preserved natural port.

Serifos Livadi


Serifos is daily connected to Piraeus by high speed boats of the line Serifos- Sifnos- Milos that lasts 2,5 hours, as well as by conventional boats that arrive in Serifos in 4,5 hours. From Serifos you can go to the majority of Cycladic islands with internal itineraries that are daily conducted.

Serifos church

Usefull Phones

Serifos police station: +30 2281051300
Municipality of Serifos: +30 2281051210
Community Clinic: +30 2281051202
Port Authority: +30 2281051470
Serifos' Buses: +30 2281051211, +30 2281051345, +30 2281051034
Folklore Museum: +30 2281051181