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Indigo cafe in Serifos

Serifos Cafe (indigo cafe)

Indigo: a word that means blue, limpid, crystal.

Indigo: a word borrowed to express "an excellent team" of people, dowered with "mysterious graces" that makes them different, more than human, something less than "hyperhuman".

Indigo: a talent and fault at the same time, like the charm of a person that can accompany him as a wish and curse. Having this philosophy as way of living, we, the creators of Indigo, go further.

For us indigo is each one of us, being Greek, romantic or simply in love.

With respect to the luxury of the moment, that exists for one and only time and gets lost, to the blue of the Aegean that existed before us, we are inviting you to taste the experience of our coffee and relax in the unique existence of your own indigo.
Tel: +30 22810-51956.

Bakery in Serifos

Serifos Bakery (indigo Bakery)

A bakery in the heart of the island that offers quality and traditional taste, in combination with service.

More than 10 kinds of bread are waiting for the visitor, as well as the bread with yeast in the traditional oven with woods.

Original recipes with rich flavor that will amaze you. Cheese pies, croissants, traditional sweets and marzipans, sandwiches of every kind, ice creams, teacakes and bread rolls, are some of our products that are waiting for you to taste them. We are open 24/7.
Tel: +30 22810-52600

Super market in Serifos

Serifos Market (indigo market)

At our enterprises you can find and supply with everything that a house needs, or your small needs for your few days vacations. Products of every kind, delicatessen and also grocery.

We are located in the center of the island and we offer you any product that you might ask. Ship supplies with ice machines. We are located 20 meters from the port marine.
Tel: +30 22810-52600

Traditional cafe on Serifos

Traditional café "Pano Piatsa" on Serifos

The traditional café "Pano Piatsa" is located on the beautiful Town Hall Square.

The small square creates a friendly ambience for its visitors, who enjoy the warm feeling created by the space.

The café is decorated with authentic elements from Serifos’ mines, while on the walls there are pictures taken by the famous photographer Katerina Kaloudi.

You should try the orange pie and the rakomelo (traditional beverage made of raki and honey) that is made of local products.
Tel: +30 22810-51955